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I purchased the hand soap at an antique store in Destin, Florida. I am on my second bottle, have it at my business and absolutely love the natural Lavender fragrance. Gentle, effective. Ordering more products as lavender is one of my favorite.
Diane Perry Mar 29, 2018
I have been going to The Lavender Farm for years. I love this place. I am most crazy about the lavender shower gel although I have greatly enjoyed everything I have gotten there.
Anne Geheb Jan 31, 2018
I love my surface spray. Use it in the kitchen and bath. I use micellar water on face, leaves it clean and fresh. hanging closet sachets that I give a squeeze and get renewed fragrance from. Closet smells great and looks pretty. I use the carpet sprinkle in my shoes to keep them fresh and smelling good. Night time body cream during winter. Lavender cream in the summer. Shea butter on my cuticles. I love the deodorant - I don't use anything but that and it keeps me smelling fresh. I have dishes that smell like lavender, wood furniture that shines and smells so good, soap, hand soap, shampoo - I think it is safe to say that I shop there because the product is the highest quality, no matter what I need. I am so grateful!!! Keep it up!!!
Cathy Thomas Sep 15, 2017
Just bought some more Moth Away Sachet for knitting friends. I bought these for my own yarn stash and not only do they keep the critters away, the scent is absolutely delightful!
Kathy Stanwood Nov 12, 2016
A friend of mine gave me the Lavender sheet spray and sachet and I absolutely love it. I am in the process of ordering some for all my girlfriends for Christmas. The aroma is heavenly and so nice to fall asleep to.
Carol Rudnick Sep 7, 2016
I have been here and the aroma of the lavender alone will make you want to keep coming back for more.
Janet Wagenseller Aug 16, 2016
Our Meetup group spent a wonderful hour+ touring the farm on June 26, and learning about the different kinds. We got lots of great advice on growing lavender at home. Great store with lots of products! I'll definitely be back!
Lara W Jun 27, 2016
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Peace Valley Lavender Farm!! We just happened to stumble upon it on a drive one day and I'm so glad we did.

I purchased the deodorant and have never found a deodorant that doesn't contain aluminum to work well until I found theirs. I will be a repeat customer for this product for sure!

The glycerin soap is amazing too! It is so gentle yet effective that I use it as a facial soap. I will keep ordering this as well.

In addition, I purchased other products too and find them all to be fantastic, including my beautiful lavender plants.

Thank you so much PVLF! It is so nice to find such wonderful products that are available by visiting your shop and online too.
Christine Jun 24, 2016
The products are lovely and amazing, the testimonials extend from canda and even to maryland and i use almost what i can for my person. The shampoo, Deodorant and the sheet spray is amazing i love using them especially the shampoo and the shower gel is amazing for using in the shower cause it leaves a nice smell in cause everyone in my house loves it. I always talk about anywhere i go.
Derek Killion May 23, 2016
All of your products are so beautifully made. I would recommend your products to anyone. Thank you so much!
Rosemary Jan 7, 2016
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