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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Peace Valley Lavender Farm!! We just happened to stumble upon it on a drive one day and I'm so glad we did.

I purchased the deodorant and have never found a deodorant that doesn't contain aluminum to work well until I found theirs. I will be a repeat customer for this product for sure!

The glycerin soap is amazing too! It is so gentle yet effective that I use it as a facial soap. I will keep ordering this as well.

In addition, I purchased other products too and find them all to be fantastic, including my beautiful lavender plants.

Thank you so much PVLF! It is so nice to find such wonderful products that are available by visiting your shop and online too.
Christine Jun 24, 2016
The products are lovely and amazing, the testimonials extend from canda and even to maryland and i use almost what i can for my person. The shampoo, Deodorant and the sheet spray is amazing i love using them especially the shampoo and the shower gel is amazing for using in the shower cause it leaves a nice smell in cause everyone in my house loves it. I always talk about anywhere i go.
Derek Killion May 23, 2016
All of your products are so beautifully made. I would recommend your products to anyone. Thank you so much!
Rosemary Jan 7, 2016
I love the products from Peace Valley Lavender Farm. Every visit, I purchase 3 or 4 extra products (The sheet & pillow spray is a favorite) and have them beautifully gift wrapped (dark purple bag, coordinated tissue paper, & a tasteful small botanical gift card) for a minimal charge. Then I'm 'set' for all those unexpected hostess gifts, friends' birthdays, whatever. Beautiful shop filled with natural products in a lovely location. Definitely worth a visit ...
Joan Engel Oct 18, 2015
I visited your booth at the Phil. Flower show and I tried a sample of the lavender cream and walked on to the next booth I was so impressed with its odor a feel I turned around and purchased it. I'm very pleased with it.
Becky Mar 10, 2015
I had a wonderful time at the Lavender Farm! It is sch a beautiful and relaxing place! The gift shop was so cute and the employees were very kind!
Chantal Jun 20, 2014
this farm is beautiful! The staff is wonderful and the owners both are so helpful with any questions you may have! So many products are made right on the property and the view is stunning! i highly recommend at least stopping by !!
Ashley E Apr 17, 2014
I live up the road from the farm and the lake and every time I visit the shop I cannot help but purchase tons of items.

Favorites include: Pill and Sheet Spray, Lotion, and the sacks of Lavender that you can hang in your vehicle for a fresh and light calming smell. [This helps in traffic :) ]

Thanks Lavender Farm!
Julie Apr 10, 2014
I received a gift basket from my Aunt Kit and loved each and every item - the scent of lavender - calming - renewing - colorful - the gift of Spring...thank you for it all!
Annette C Shalongo Mar 2, 2014
All the products are marvelous. A sensory delight!
Thanks for all the hard work and creative presentation. Peace Valley Lavender is a special place for sure.
Pat King Feb 18, 2014
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