Peace Valley Lavender Farm grew from a vision. Driving in the
car with my husband, George, I saw a field of lavender in my
mind’s eye. Trying to decide what to do next after selling our
vegetable, herb and specialty salad greens farm, I leaned over
and said “how about growing lavender?”. His response was
“will the deer eat it?”. “No” I replied and that was it. Twenty
years later we’re still hard at it.

We have 3000 lavender plants growing on our sun-soaked
hillside. We grow two species of lavender with several varieties
of each. Settling on those varieties was a result of trial and
error over many seasons. Bucks County is not the
Mediterranean, so growing lavender in this region definitely
has its challenges.

We’ve had a couple of rainy winters that resulted in major crop
damage and loss. In 2019 we decided to undertake a major
garden overhaul; amending the soil, rebuilding mounds,
replacing ground cover and of course replanting. We also
worked on controlling the flow of water through the gardens.
We can’t stop the rain from falling, but we can control how it
moves once it hits the ground. This overhaul also allowed us to
add some new cultivars to the gardens. We’re excited to see
the positive results of all of this work.